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My Top 5 : Hoaxes, Myths and Urban Legends : Part 1

Some of the best games in the past 20 years have included many hoaxes, myths and urban legends, the earliest ones usually coming from VG magazines (especially EGM - Electronic Gaming Monthly) for April fools jokes, these myths would spread like wildfire around the playground and someone's cousin always knew how to do it. These rumours became more believable when people started talking about them on the internet and people creating mods to trick people into spending hours trying to find them for themselves. 

5 - Goldeneye 007 - The secret base

At the end of the first level (known as Dam) if you look across the water on the opposite side to where you jump from using a sniper rifle you can see a mysterious island with a gun and a tower on its own, can you get there through some underground tunnel connected to the dam? No.Maybe you missed something in the level, so you go back again and search every possible door. Still nothing. But your friend says they have been there, how? 
The island was originally there in the beta of the game as another part to the mission and you used a boat to get there but it was cut from the final version of the game. The island is only accessible through the use of the Game shark code 'No Clipping' which allows you to walk across the water and explore the island although there is nothing you can actually do there.

4 - The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time - Obtaining the Triforce

Most Legend of Zelda games allowed you to get the Triforce at some point in the game along with saving Zelda and the world, in Ocarina of Time it was different though, while in a early trailer for the game it showed Link with the Triforce it was actually taken out in the final game, but this didn't stop people trying to find it still, believing it was there because they saw it in a trailer.
Many rumours appeared for obtaining the Triforce, sadly none of these actually worked and were mostly time consuming and frustrating, some were so complex that people would do them over and over just in case they did one bit wrong, some of those rumours were :

  • Throw a bomb into the centre of the lava pit before Ganon's castle to access a secret passage to the Sky Temple.
  • Enter your name at the start of the game as 'Triforce' and beat Ganon with a perfect game (Collect all collectables, plant every bean ect, and don't die at any point, if you die you will have to restart the game)
  • Stand in the centre of Hyrule Field and place 2 bombs, then go to the top of Death Mountain into the cave and go as far right as you can wearing the red tunic and play Zelda's Lullaby, then use the owl to take to to the village, go into DampĂ©'s house and his diary will say 'Gone Fishing', go to the lake catch 2 large fish, run into Castle Town and go to the courtyard at the castle, if done correctly the Triforce will appear.

3 - Super Mario 64 - Unlock Luigi

Once word got out about players being able to find Yoshi on top of the castle after collecting all 120 stars rumours started appearing about finding Luigi in the game. The statue pictured above caused the most part of this as players interpreted the scrawled writing on the plaque as "L is real 2401" which had to mean Luigi is real... As for the 2401 people believed this was the amount of coins that could be found in the game, many people started trying to collect every coin and other people thought as there was a star on the statue that there might be 121 stars to collect and this secret star was the key to unlocking Lugig but this of course would have been a waste of time as Luigi never was in the game. Luigi did however appear in the DS remake of SM64 along with Mario, Yoshi and Wario.

2 -Tomb Raider - Nude Lara

When Tomb Raider was released with Lara Croft as the main character in her skimpy outfit, pictures started to circulate on the internet of her with no clothes on, starting the rumour that there was a 'nude code' for Lara, because adventurers don't need clothes....right? If that's the case then where is our Nathan Drake nude code! 
Despite all the rumours of a cheat code there wasn't one in the game but some people did come up with a PC patch called 'Nude Raider' showing off her perky pixels!

1 - Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas - Bigfoot

I have never seen so many arguments over a video game myth like I have seen with the Bigfoot myth, whilst there is a PC mod that puts Bigfoot into the game he is not in the main game. It is these PC mods where people have got the 'photographic evidence' and have told people it is real. Many people believe that Bigfoot roams the forest in Back O' Beyond at night and can only be seen at 00:00 if its foggy, others say if you drive to Mt.Chilliad in a blue pick up truck you will find Bigfoot at the top of the mountain, some theories are even more outrageous and consist of many steps that have to be done in a correct order that are pointless such as having to get your hair cut a certain way before finding a camera and taking a picture of a hooker and then using a BMX to ride around a building 3 times before heading to the middle of the forest and completing more silly steps to find Bigfoot. 

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