Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Top 5 : Scary Moments From Non-Scary Games

Following on from 'My Top 5 : Scariest Moments From Scary Games' I thought it would be interesting to look at the scariest moments from non-horror games...

Skyrim - Giant Frostbite Spiders

First on the list are the Giant Frostbite Spiders found in caves around the land of Skyrim. These nasty spiders can be brutal if you are planning on attacking them up close. They'll bite, scratch and spit poisonous webs at you, but its not their attack that is the scary part, (unless you are scared of spiders) it's the part where these gigantic monsters hide on the ceiling and fall down right in front of you quicker than you can say ohshitohshitohshit.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Drowning in Labyrinth

When it comes to video game levels there's nothing worse than a water level and Sonic water levels really are the worst. The most terrifying thing about them though is the panic caused by the music as its speeds up becoming faster and faster as Sonic's life draws nearer and nearer to the end.

The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time - ReDeads

ReDeads are terrifying zombies that have a high pitched scream that paralyses Link if he gets to close to them. Paralysing Link makes it easier for the ReDead to then climb on him and bite his head and neck, causing a great deal of damage if you can't shake them off. ReDeads are blind though so you can sneak past them or you can use the Sun's Song on the ocarina to freeze the ReDeads and make it safely past.
The worst thing about their attack which makes them so frightening is when you hear their scream and it freezes Link, you know you can't move and you are helpless to stop these blood thirsty zombies from chomping on your brains. 

Heavy Rain - The Burglary Scene  

During a play-through of Heavy Rain the choices you make greatly affect the way the story plays out, there are a few moments in this game that are intense but none are quite as scary as the scene where Madison is attacked by burglars in her own apartment. From the flash of a figure running past in the background to a full on fight with the masked men, the battle intensifies as Madison is overpowered as she struggles to escape and she is eventually held down by the men, you know in the back of your mind that she will be OK because she is a main character but then all of a sudden we see her throat being slit, then almost immediately we cut to her waking up on her sofa, it was just a dream but it was terrifyingly real...

Super Mario 64 - The Possessed Piano

The scariest moment that I will never forget has to be from the first time I played Super Mario 64. Whilst looking for the eight red coins in the haunted mansion you come across this room (pictured above) which stores this piano and nothing else. As you walk over to the piano to pick up the red coin it looks like a perfectly normal piano, but as you get closer to it it suddenly springs to life and starts attacking you, its gigantic teeth chomping down making the sound of piano keys being clumsily smashed and it chases you around the room trying to protect the red coin. If you think you are brave enough to collect this red coin then make sure you dodge the pianos attack otherwise you might find yourself a bit E-flat....

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