Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Top 5 : TES 5 - Skyrim Tips.

I spent the majority of my day off playing The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim and whilst waiting for the new patch to download I thought to myself about all the tips and tricks that I have picked up on my 100+ hours of adventuring so far, here are my top 5 tips for Skyrim...


Faster movement whilst over-encumbered

There's nothing worse than stumbling upon a rare item to find its too heavy for you to carry, you could drop a few other items to avoid the over-encumbered penalty but sometimes that's just not possible, so what do you do? You can't fast travel while over-encumbered and you don't want to walk that slow all that way, do you? I didn't think so. There are a couple of ways around this though.

  • Potions of strength are a must for the adventurer who likes to loot dungeons and castles, depending on the type of potion you can gain between 20 to 60 extra capacity points. You could use these to allow you to fast travel to where you want to store some items.
  • If you have a horse you can ride it at normal speed when you are over the capacity limit and because it can move at normal speed you can fast travel while riding.
  • The dragon shout 'Whirlwind Sprint' (found during the main quest) can also be used to move quickly but I recommend if you use this method that you wear the 'Amulet of Talos' which reduces the time between shouts by 20%.


Take display case items without lock picks.

It is possible to obtain items from the locked display cases without having to pick the lock on it, just remember that this is still considered stealing so make sure no-one can see you do this.

  • Look directly at the item in the display case through the glass
  • Press X / A to activate the lock picking mini game
  • Press O / B to exit the mini game
  • Press X / A immediately 

If done correctly you will pick the item up and it will appear in your inventory, it may take a few tries as you have got to time it right.


Dragon tomb location help.

With so many caves, dungeons, tombs and castles it can be very difficult to find all the word walls which contain the dragon shouts so here are a couple of tips for getting help from other characters in game :

  • When exploring an area such as a dungeon or cave always use a shout as you battle your way through, most of the time when you have cleared that area and return to a town a courier will deliver a letter 'from a friend' explaining that the power of your thu'um caused a stir and this then activates a new side quest taking you directly to another place to explore which contains a word wall.
  • Using a non-aggressive shout in a town in the presence of a guard will get you some comments and often a map marker added with a word wall location
  • If you travel to High Hrothgar and find Arngeir, start a conversation with him and select 'have you found a new word of power' and he will give you locations of word walls. 


The skeleton key (the unbreakable lock pick)

Just like in TES4 : Oblivion you can obtain the skeleton key in Skyrim, this can be found during the quest 'Darkness Returns' which is a Thieves Guild quest. To keep the skeleton key all you have to do is not finish the quest. If you wanted to find the Thieves Guild quest line you could of course go around picking all the locks you need to then finish the quest later on in the game.


Command your companions.

Companions are very useful when out adventuring, they help you in battle, carry anything you ask them to carry, you can give them armour and weapons to help you fight and they won't die in combat unless you hit them while they have low health. There is another feature of the companions that many people don't use - commands. If you talk to your companion there will be an option t command them to perform a task, these commands include -

  • Wait - tell a companion to wait and you can point at any area in your surroundings for them to wait by (if you leave them too long they will get bored and start waling back to their original place where you found them)
  • Use - You can ask a companion to use some objects, such as levers, switches and beds.
  • Pick up - Companions can be commanded to pick up objects and put it in their inventory, if you ask them to steal something and they get caught you will still be the one who is fined.
  • Open - You can get your companions to open doors, gates, locks and chests. This is very useful for locked chests and doors, if they are able to unlock it they don't have to use any lock picks for it so if you need to save some of your lock picks try asking them first.
  • Attack - You can command them to attack anyone on sight leaving you to keep out of the way of the action.

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